Yogeshwor Sharma Dhakal

Yogeshwor Sharma Dhakal

Mr. Yogeshwor Sharma Dhakal boasts a rich professional history, having served in various leadership roles across several institutions. He dedicated seven years of his career as the Executive Chairman at IME Cooperative Services Ltd, demonstrating his expertise and commitment to the organization’s growth. Furthermore, he accumulated a remarkable 28 years of experience at Agriculture Development Bank, where he held positions as a Loan Officer and Project Incharge for the Sana Kisan Bikash Yojana initiative.

Mr. Dhakal’s journey continued as he assumed the roles of CEO and Chief Executive Director at IME Financial Institution, contributing his skills and knowledge for a significant span of nine years. He further extended his influence in the financial sector by dedicating considerable time to Global IME Bank Ltd, where he served as Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Notably, Mr. Dhakal also lent his expertise to IME General Insurance as a Member of the Board of Directors, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s direction over a period of five years. His extensive experience and leadership roles exemplify his dedication to the financial and cooperative sectors.

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