Why Choose Us?

Market knowledge   Market knowledge

We have been in the market from past 12 years gathering knowledge over time.

Reliability   Reliability

You can rely on us as we have experience, knowledge in managing finances.

Long term perspective   Long term perspective

As investors are our shareholders, we can focus on long term results.

Hathway Investment Nepal Ltd

Hathway Investment Nepal Ltd. stands as a pioneer in Nepal's financial landscape as its foremost private-equity firm dedicated to impact investing. With a flexible approach, Hathway Investment Nepal Ltd. targets sectors that not only exhibit potential for growth but also promise significant positive societal impacts. This could range from addressing prevalent challenges to fostering job opportunities or bolstering the local economy. Beyond mere financial investment, Hathway extends invaluable advisory support, assisting their investee companies in streamlining systems, setting standards, forging connections, and enhancing governance structures as required. This holistic approach ensures that businesses benefit from both capital and expertise, setting them up for sustained success.

Area of Investment

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