What We Do

Hathway Investment Nepal Limited, managing over 1.5 billion rupees in assets, actively seeks investment opportunities characterized by a capable management team with a clear vision and a profound understanding of businesses boasting sustainable competitive advantages, regardless of their sector or size.

Our dedicated team at Hathway specializes in revitalizing underperforming companies by meticulously managing their operations and elevating them to new heights.

We also extend our expertise to provide investment management and consultancy services, all while striving to achieve competitive financial returns for our clients.

We excel in uncovering untapped value within companies by enhancing their overall performance. Our support encompasses management guidance, governance enhancement, relationship-building, strategic insights, operational assistance, and capital injection. Our fund serves as a catalyst for growth, aiding investee companies in executing ambitious plans, launching new initiatives, making transformative acquisitions, and reinforcing their systems to support long-term objectives.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), we offer equity infusion and tailored technical assistance to facilitate operational scaling. Our investment approach hinges on a rigorous due diligence process that meticulously evaluates risk while identifying opportunities to augment value.

Investment Process

    Our investment process is as follows:

  • Project Concept Note
  • Full Application
  • Preliminary Review
  • Client Visit
  • Preliminary Education
  • Due Diligence Review
  • Investment Report
  • Evaluation by Hathway Investment Nepal Limited’s Investment Committee

Exclusive Benefits

    Choosing Hathway Investment provides you with exclusive advantages:

  • Access to expert advice for enhancing your systems and governance.
  • Access to long-term capital without the pressure of imminent exits.

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