Kumar Paudel

Kumar Paudel

Mr. Kumar Paudel holds the esteemed position of Managing Director at Gaura Construction Pvt. Ltd., where he spearheads the company’s operations and strategic direction. Additionally, he serves as the Chairman of Alaka Investment Pvt. Ltd., showcasing his multifaceted leadership in the business arena.

Mr. Paudel is a distinguished financial expert known for his active involvement in the acquisition of NB Insurance, demonstrating his astute financial acumen during this significant transaction. He continued to play a pivotal role in the acquisition of Arun Finance, where he oversees various facets, including recovery, human resources, and related matters.

Adding to his impressive portfolio, Mr. Paudel also assumes the role of Chairman at Aarohi Tours and Travel Pvt. Ltd., where he contributes his expertise to the travel industry. His experience extends to the financial sector, as evidenced by his four-year tenure as a Director at IME Insurance Company Ltd.

Mr. Paudel’s professional background is underpinned by a robust academic foundation, having earned a Master’s in Business Studies with a specialization in Finance from St. Xavier’s College. His educational and professional achievements underscore his competence and commitment in the realms of finance and business management.

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