Mr. Jayaram Nepal

Mr. Jayaram Nepal

Mr. Jayaram Nepal possesses a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in finance, which he obtained from Limkokwing University. Currently, he holds the role of Executive Director at Mala Investment Pvt. Ltd., where he oversees a diverse portfolio encompassing various investment strategies. His responsibilities include the development of these strategies, risk diversification, and ensuring a consistent return on investment.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Nepal accumulated valuable experience during his six-year tenure as an Administrative Officer and R&D Officer at SR Hydro & Investment Pvt. Ltd. In this capacity, he honed his expertise in systematic administrative operations, including scheduling for senior officials. Furthermore, he played a pivotal role in formulating multiple investment methods tailored to the dynamic capital market.

Mr. Nepal’s academic qualifications and extensive professional background highlight his proficiency in finance and investment management, making him a valuable asset in the field.

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